More colour footage wanted

South Canterbury residents are being urged to dust off their home-made video footage shot between 1940 and 1989.
– Basically, what we’d love is for [people] to contact us as soon as they can –
The footage was wanted by production company Greenstone TV for its second series of Decades in Colour, a three-part programme, which would showcase life in New Zealand as filmed in colour by New Zealanders.
The first series, narrated by Judy Bailey, a child of the 1950s, took viewers on a nostalgic journey back to the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s.
It examined how those important decades helped shape New Zealand’s identity, from the times when milk was delivered in glass bottles to summer caravan holidays and when Sir Edmund Hillary climbed Mt Everest.
Greenstone TV researcher Jane Dowell said the first series was a great success and she hoped people who watched would now have an idea of the type of footage needed for the second series.
She encouraged people to send in their videos sooner rather than later.
‘‘Basically, what we’d love is for [people] to contact us as soon as they can. We’re hoping we’re going to get a fantastic response [from people] saying they’ve got stories or footage, or footage and stories.’’
The upcoming three-part series would follow the themes of work, home and play.
Ms Dowell said the first series attracted ‘‘fantastic stuff’’.
‘‘We got a really good response. Hopefully, because people have seen it, they might have more of an idea of what we’re looking for [this time].
‘‘They might not think the footage [they have] is that great, but the story [behind the home video] might be an incredible story.’’
That footage could allude to the way things have changed in New Zealand, either politically or socially, she said.
‘‘It might be the impact it’s had on someone.’’
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