by Natasha Parrant

A Geraldine model has made his international breakthrough after appearing in Melbourne fashion magazine Marquis.

Jake Wilson (20) was asked to do a photoshoot by one of the agencies he signed with and borrowed clothes from New Zealand fashion designer Ren Ge.

He also paired up with hair stylist and make-up artist Angela Pethig, from YouBee School of Design in Christchurch. Gisborne photographer Tink Lockett took the photos for the Australian magazine.

The tagline for the shoot was “angels, demons and humans” and it was all about showing “inner beauty” and “embracing yourself”, Mr Wilson said.

Mr Wilson did not think the photo shoot for the magazine in early April was much of a big deal, as he had been modelling since he was 16.

First time . . . Geraldine model Jake Wilson looks back at his first opportunity modelling for an international magazine. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

The shoot was his first international feature but he has previously appeared in a magazine for a national airport shoot.

Mr Wilson was born in Christchurch but moved to Geraldine after the second major earthquake in February 2011.

He is now working as a first-year apprentice at The Hair Boutique, which has been owned by his mother Jean for the past decade.

He is also keen to pursue modelling and acting and is signed up with two New Zealand agencies.

This requires him to sometimes travel for catwalk and photo shoot jobs in Christchurch or Auckland.

Mr Wilson said he found it easy balancing hairdressing with his other interests because he still had enough down time.

Whenever he had spare time he would visit friends in Christchurch to dress up for cosplay (costume play).

If Mr Wilson had to choose one career pathway he said it would be hairdressing because it was a “more reliable source of income”.

He said his mother supported whatever he wanted to do and had made sure to order a copy of the magazine, as it was not available in New Zealand.