Mackenzie library offering e-books


Mackenzie Community Library users can now browse titles for an e-book platform.
The e-book concept was recently introduced to the library, giving people the chance to read from their own electronic device via an app or web browser.
Library manager Jackie Phillips said a range of e-book titles was available but people would have to register before they could start reading the many on offer.
‘‘They need to ring us or email to register.’’
The service, which was free, could be accessed only via the app or a web browser, using one of many devices including iPhone, iPad or any e-book reader other than a Kindle.
Mrs Phillips said libraries had to buy the digital rights to each of their selected titles.
‘‘We’ve only been able to put a certain amount on to it, but we’ll add [more to that].’’
Titles that the library had bought digital rights to so far were specific to people who were likely to use the service. Each title could be borrowed by only one user at a time, Mrs Phillips said.
Although the service was not expected to be used by ‘‘a great number of people’’, it would be ideal for those who were going on holiday and students who like to use their devices, she said.
The e-book platform was more than just a book. Instead, it offered backlighting and night-time and dyslexic modes. The font size could also be altered.
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