Knitted items sent to Syrian refugees


Mountain View Village residents have picked up their knitting needles for a good cause.
The Timaru retirement village’s weekly craft and chat group has been knitting for charity, and a large shipment of woollen items was recently delivered to Syrian refugees in Dunedin.
However, the shipment has resulted in the group’s wool supplies running low so the group is on the lookout for any supplies of wool.
Spokeswoman Veronica Casey said the group had been going for a long time — with up to 20 members meeting each week to knit away the hours and have a chat.
‘‘They have been meeting long before I was here and that was 10 years ago,’’ she said.
Over the years, the group had met regularly and given items they had made to recipients throughout the region, including the Jean Todd Maternity Ward at Timaru Hospital and schools.
The group also liked to focus on groups in need, and the Syrian children refugees who recently moved to Dunedin were the latest recipients of knitted items.
‘‘So far, we have sent away six jerseys, about 100 hats, scarves and slippers,’’ she said.
‘‘The needles have been busy.’’
Wool is given to the group by members of the public.
‘‘They [the balls of wool] are usually very colourful so they make for some very pretty knitting,’’ Mrs Casey said.
‘‘We come up with some great mixes.’’
The group had also recently knitted 60 pairs of woollen slippers for Oceanview Heights pupils in school colours.
Members suggested possible recipients and sometimes there were requests for items.
‘‘People have suggestions, otherwise members just knit with the wool and we just find somewhere for it to go.’’
Regular donations of items were made to places such as the maternity ward, she said.
‘‘It’s amazing how it all adds up and just how much knitting we get done.’’
While the group provided benefit to members of the community, its own members also got something out of it.
Throughout the years, many friendships had been formed and many matters discussed over the clicking of knitting needles.
‘‘It’s company and something to do,’’ she said.
‘‘For some of these people it’s the only time they leave the house, apart from to go to the supermarket.’’ – Anyone with any wool to donate is asked to contact Veronica Casey on (03) 686-6101.Authentic Sneakersスニーカーの検索一覧【新着順】