by Helen Holt

Trampers are not letting the lack of bunks stop them enjoying an overnight stay in a shelter with spectacular views.

The Tristan Harper Memorial Shelter at the top of Little Mt Peel is designed for day visitors, and although it is not promoted on the Department of Conservation’s website as a hut, the intentions book indicates people are using it overnight.

Doc eastern South Island media and communications adviser Michael Hayward said the shelter was not designed for overnight stays.

“The shelter has seating and a table and is designed to provide shelter for day visitors,” he said.

“There are no bunks in the facility.

“We are aware that people stay in the shelter from time to time. The shelter is available for people to use as needed.

“While we do not encourage people to stay there overnight, it is not prohibited.

“There are no plans to alter it to add bunks, heating, et cetera.”

On top of the world . .
New Zealanders enjoying tramping on Little Mt Peel over the summer holiday period. PHOTO: COURIER STAFF

Doc had recently replaced the shelter floor and cleared the long-drop toilets.

“We are not aware of people staying there over Christmas/New Year but would not be surprised if that has occurred.”