Finn Stevens (6) reeled in a rare catch in the Opihi River earlier this month – a rainbow trout. Hamish Stevens and son Finn are habitual visitors to the lower Opihi and have regular catches of brown trout but, much to their surprise, they both reeled in rainbow trout in early December. Temuka-based Fish & Game officer Rhys Adams said while a small number of rainbow trout were caught in the river each season, it was a mystery to the Fish & Game staff about where they came from. “We haven’t found any spawning populations or any juvenile fish that we would surely encounter during our annual electric fishing surveys, whereby we find lots of juvenile brown trout and native fish.” He encouraged fishing fans to get out on the river in good conditions as there would be “plenty [of] trout, great fishing and river conditions to be had over the holiday period”. PHOTO: HAMISH STEVENS

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