Classic US vehicles on show


Members of the public are welcome to bring their classic American car or motorbike for a display, and then an organised run from 11am to 1pm, at the Richard Pearce Tavern Le Cren St car park this Sunday.
The cars are mainly left-hand drive and have been lovingly restored. A big turnout of latemodel American muscle cars will also be on display.
The public are welcome to view the machines.
The theme of the day is ‘‘all American’’. The run will go from the Le Cren St car park, along Wai-iti Rd through two roundabouts, carrying straight into Claremont Rd before turning left at the reservoir into Barton Rd. At the T-intersection with Fairview Rd, drivers will turn right, travel about 4km and then turn left into Holme Station Rd before carrying on to the drive’s destination of Cave via the Pareora zigzag.
During the 1950s, many American teenagers wanted more from their cars. They got their granddad’s or father’s car, took off the mudguards and running boards, chopped the roof down and straightened the exhaust, creating the ‘‘hot rod’’.
The family sedan was tweaked under the hood, wider rear wheels were fitted and the exhaust pipe was shortened, turning it into a dragster for weekends.
The 1960s in the United States saw the rivalry of the big three in the motor industry — Ford, Chevrolet and Chrysler.
At the time, the motto was ‘‘race on Sunday, sell on Monday’’ and that’s what happened — the car that went the fastest at the racetrack on Sunday invariably sold well in the showroom on Monday.
These cars were for daily driving but under the bonnet was a big block Ford, Chev or Chrysler Hemi engine.
Over the past decade, the big three American car manufacturers have led a resurgence of the muscle car and the public will be able to see latemodel muscle cars on display as well as lovingly restored American classics. – All US cars and motorcycles are welcome at the event and attendees are urged to dress American style. Coffee, food and music will be provided and there will be a raffle.
Hot stuff . .. Vehicles such as Alan Barclay’s Muzi (left) and Drew Galog’s Hot Rod will be part of the United States car and motorbike display.Running sportsNike