Selling up . . . Henshaw Quality Cars owners Roger Patterson (left) and Keith White are selling up after 40 years. PHOTO: HELEN HOLT

by Helen Holt

Car dealers Roger Patterson and Keith White are selling up and retiring after nearly 40 years in the business.

The Henshaw Quality Cars owners have worked for the dealership since 1983.

Mr White said they had had many loyal clients over the years.

“Our success goes down to the quality of the product and the honesty.

“There’s people who’ve bought well over 10 cars from us.

“As our clients [have] become bigger families, I think we’ve probably sold to three generations.”

Mr Patterson said there were people who would trade every three to four months.

“These people just love cars, and they know the quality of our stock.”

He said working with cars had taught him the importance of building relationships.

“You learn that 99.9% of people are great people and a joy to deal with.

“Life’s all about relationships with suppliers; relationships with your wife and kids.”

The pair were thankful for the support given after the 2019 hailstorm.

“We had a lot of damage to our cars from the hail,” Mr Patterson said.

“We watched a whole car yard get wrecked and there was nothing we could do.

“Members of the community rang to check we were OK.

“A person from the Baptist church visited us, a person who we had no affiliation or loyalty to. She just came to check on us.

“That was quite heartwarming.”

The business was started by Ernie Henshaw in 1958.

The pair joined the dealership in 1983 and bought it off Mr Henshaw in 1989.

Restoring old cars is also a personal passion of Mr Patterson, who recently finished work on a 1972 Mercedes.

“We didn’t have any mechanical knowledge or training before we stared working here.

“You just learn things over time. You know the difference between a good car and a bad car.”

The dealership will close its doors on December 17.

Mr Patterson and Mr White invited people to buy the last of their cars before the closing date.