Brandy snap cheesecake own creation

Many people have a recipe they love sharing with others. In a regular series featuring South Canterbury residents and their favourite home-cooked meals or baking, My Kitchen tells the story behind the recipes and explains how you can make them at home.

Say cheesecake . Timaru woman Kirsty Burnett loves to create cheesecakes.PHOTOS: RACHEL COMER

Cheesecake is Kirsty Burnett’s specialty.
The Timaru woman loves to create different desserts and hit the jackpot last year when she invented a brandy snap cheesecake for Christmas dinner.
“At Christmas time I was thinking I would like to make something and love the flavour of ginger and like brandy snaps,” Mrs Burnett said.
“I looked online and I found a couple of recipes using those ingredients and made up my own recipe replicating what I had found.”
She had liked the idea of making something “a bit different”.
“I really wanted to use brandy snaps as they remind me of Christmas and special occasions and wanted to recreate that feeling.”
Making up her own cheesecake recipes was “fun”, Mrs Burnett said.
“I love experimenting with new flavours, and with one or two really basic cheesecake recipes you can add your tastes and flavours.”
The fact most people liked cheesecake was also an advantage, she said.
Her brandy snap cheesecake had been well received by her family and friends.
“It has a bit of the wow factor. It was a hit.”
While she also used recipes, she preferred to invent her own.
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Kirsty’s super secret brandy snap cheesecake recipe
1 packet gingernut biscuits
2 packets Philly cream cheese
1 packet of eight brandy snaps
500ml cream
1 can condensed milk
1 tsp ground ginger (you could mix this up with some crystallised ginger too)
About 1/4 C honey maple flavoured syrup
75 grams butter
3 tsp gelatin dissolved in hot water and left to cool

1. Grease the pan you are going to put the cheese cake in – I use a 20cm spring form pan, I also line the bottom with baking paper so the cheese cake comes out nicely).
2. Crush, whizz or beat the heck out of the gingernuts so they are crumbly and no big lumps.
3. Add 75 grams of butter. Wet your hands and mush together then pat it all into the bottom of the pan and put in the fridge while you are getting the filling made.
4. Whip half the bottle of cream and put aside.
Soften your cream cheese then beat until soft and creamy.
Add condensed milk and mix it all in.
5. Add ginger, honey maple flavoured syrup and gelatin and mix all together so there are no lumps, fold in whipped cream.
6. Pour mixture over gingernut base and let set.
7. Crush half brandy snaps and sprinkle on top of cheese cake. Break other ginger nuts in half and squirt cream into them, then place them on top of the cheese cake to Running shoesNIKE