Warm and cosy . . . Gem cuddles up in the tent between Claire and Mike on a camping trip. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

April is Adopt a Greyhound month, so The Courier is profiling South Canterbury greyhounds and their human families to find out what’s so special about the breed.

Claire Wilkins and Mike Boschen share a home with children, cats, a rabbit and Gem the greyhound.

We are a family of four, two school-aged children, along with two cats and a giant free-roaming rabbit.

I work from home and my partner is currently working remotely from our home as well. Gem gets to spend her day picking between which human’s office she will sleep in except when I am on Zoom calls. Then she is ALWAYS in the background doing something ridiculous!

She spends her evenings cuddled on the couch with us, and sleeps beside our bed at night. She tries to sneak on to the bed every so often – but given that she is a 30kg bag of limbs, she isn’t very stealthy.

I remember reading a novel in my late teens and the main character had two greyhounds, The way they described these lazy, couch-loving, bags of elbows made me desperate to have one.

It took 16 years to finally be in the right place to start the adoption process and by that stage I had “the rabbit”. Writing an application to GAP (Greyhounds As Pets) felt like an April fool’s prank – “yes I want a greyhound. I have kids, cats, chickens and a rabbit . . . All things greyhounds are meant to dislike!

Couch potatoes . . . Gem the greyhound shares couch space with “the rabbit”. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Gem is now a sprightly 11 years old. We adopted her when she was 8. Gem is our constant companion; she loves to be where the people are. Wherever we are she will find a comfy spot to sleep. She has accompanied us tramping, and loves sleeping in the tent, climbing mountains and being outdoors.

She also likes to lick things .. walls, table legs, beds, the couch.

The most surprising thing about greyhounds is .. . it is impossible to be mad at a greyhound. No matter what Gem does, one look into her big brown eyes, and you just can’t be mad!

You can find a greyhound to fit almost every and any lifestyle. From high energy to cuddly couch potato there is a hound for everyone.

Quiet, gentle dog makes a great pet

Leonie and Pat Gresham adopted Faith the greyhound nearly four years ago.

We are a family of five: two adults and three kids Libby (5), Liam (10) and Bella (12). We also have a cat and three guinea pigs. Pat works and I’m home most of the time.

Walkies .. Faith the greyhound out on a walk with Liam (10), Libby (5) and Bella (12) Gresham. PHOTOS: SUPPLIED

I saw an article online years ago about adopting greyhounds. When For Pets Sake had a GAP (greyhounds as pets) day four years ago we went along. We were impressed with how quiet and gentle the dogs were. They didn’t mind our very noisy, excited 15-month-old patting them.

Faith is a lovely pet. She’s 8 years old. We’ve had her nearly four years. She’s very lazy and doesn’t bark. She goes for a walk each day and loves getting attention from anyone she meets. Our cat loves Faith and follows her around and sleeps on Faith’s bed with her.

Cat cuddles . Faith the greyhound happily shares her bed with the family cat. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

People always think greyhounds need a lot of exercise, but they don’t.

Greyhounds make wonderful pets. They are very quiet. Families get matched with a greyhound that will suit them.