Winning smiles . . . Winners in this year's Young Writers South Canterbury Poetry Competition display their certificates during a prize giving at the Running Duck in Geraldine on Sunday. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

by Alexia Johnston

Young poets are keeping a South Canterbury competition alive with their talents.

The 2017 South Canterbury Young Writers Awards featured 81 entries, written by children aged from 5 to 18.

Among them was overall winner Genevieve Laursen (11), of Timaru Christian School, who wowed the judges with her entry titled Jane’s Cafe

Genevieve, along with other participants, were acknowledged for their talents during a prizegiving at the Running Duck Cafe in Geraldine on Sunday, which was attended by 70 people from around South Canterbury.

‘Jane’s Cafe’

Hello my name is Jane, I’m totally insane

I own a cafe, it has a buffet

Sour Cream Porridge, with a hint of borage

Sausage Chutney, with a side of honey

Sweet snake soup, with a bit of goop

Frog mayonnaise, created as a bolognese

Horse Shoe macaroni, with a can of pepperoni

Preserved pretty parrots with no sign of carrots

Beetroot patties, possibly fatty

Cabbage and feta crumble, now please don’t grumble

Do we do sweets?, what do you think?

Bookworm cake, with chocolate flakes

Mandarin coffee, dipped in toffee

Bubble Gum Pie, please do buy

Catnip Tart, a perfect work of art

Cauliflower Cookies, baked in goodies

The Cafe is open from ten to four

Hope to see you there –¬†Genevieve Laursen

Among them were a selection of the entrants, some of whom read their poems to the audience.

While judges Jan Hill, Neena Bennett, John Keast and Rebecca Lees were impressed by the high quality of poems submitted, it was Genevieve’s which they felt deserved top honours.

“Genevieve’s poem stood out from the rest,” Ms Bennett said.

“It has humour, something hard to do in poetry, and grabs the reader from the first line. Along with humour, her language is colourful and delicious.”

The competition’s founder, Mrs Hill, announced before last year’s event it was the last time she would organise it.

Centre stage . . . 2017 Young Writers South Canterbury Poetry Competition overall winner Genevieve Laursen (11), from Timaru Christian School, reads her winning poem. PHOTO: SUPPLIED








Mrs Lees put her hand up for the job, something she had enjoyed.

She said, leading up to judging time, the quality of poetry entered had caught her attention, with the creations giving the reader a glimpse into a person’s world.

“It’s like looking through a child’s eyes in a way.”

The children with winning entries received prizes for their efforts, thanks to the event’s sponsors.Sneakers StoreNIKE HOMME