Art on display . . . Timaru artist Hamish Beatson (20) will have an exhibition of his artworks at the studio of his art teacher Wayne Patrick on April 4-6. PHOTO: GRETA YEOMAN

By Greta Yeoman

A young Timaru artist is set to exhibit his creations early next month.

Hamish Beatson (20) will hold his exhibition “Contrartist” at the gallery space of his art teacher Wayne Patrick, in the Royal Arcade next Wednesday to Friday.

Mr Beatson began drawing at primary school and now often draws at least one artwork each day, in a range of styles including paints, pencil and watercolours.

“Over time I [began] get to get better at it.”

He said the exhibition idea had been suggested by Mr Patrick.

“[It was] mostly Wayne’s idea.”

He liked drawing scenery and animals, as well as characters in the Japanese cartoon style anime.

“[I like] how mature it is,” he said of anime.

When he first began lessons with Mr Patrick a year ago, he had moved from pencil sketches into watercolours and then progressed to acrylic paints.

Mr Beatson estimated he would have 35-40 creations on display.

He was still working on a few to be completed in time for the three-day exhibition.

His favourite part of his art was the contrasts, particularly between the colours – such as blue and red or black and white.

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