Waimate, through art


A well-received Waimate Museum exhibition includes an interactive aspect for visitors.
The Interpreting Waimate Art Exhibition continues until the middle of November and includes a silk screen print which depicts the activities of the pupils at Rewi Alley’s Shandan School in China and a cavalry design from the Tunghuan Caves.
Waimate Museum office co-ordinator Maria Henry said the silk screen print was sent to the Waimate Rewi Alley Aid committee by Alley in appreciation for its financial assistance and gifts it had sent to the Shandan School.
‘‘The dyes were made by the pupils at Shandan School.’’
The committee was established to promote interest and fundraising on Alley’s behalf.
It was independent from others in New Zealand that were also sending assistance to the Shandan.
‘‘The first monetary contribution from Waimate as a community for development of the school’s farm projects was sent in early 1949.
‘‘Requirements such as seeds, drench, dip and farm implements were also sent in later months. Some funds were raised through proceeds from a concert which toured the district.’’
As part of the art exhibition, visitors to the museum are invited to make their own interpretation of Waimate by using art supplies made available.
The artworks are then placed on a magnetic board and become part of the exhibition.Running Sneakers StoreAutres