Special delivery . . . Timaru's newest sculpture will be delivered on Tuesday. This is an artist's impression of what it will look like once it is in place. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

Another Llew Summers creation will take centre stage in Timaru next week.

The work of the Christchurch sculptor, titled Encircling the Baroque, is due to be placed on the Bay Hill, at the top of the piazza, on Tuesday.

“My last one was placed in 1981,” he said, in reference to Tranquility, which he designed specifically for its site next to the Timaru Library.

However, Encircling the Baroque, which Summers created in 2011, is quite different. It features two female and two male figures in a human-style wreath, equally visible from both sides of the work.

“It’s made in [about] 25 separate pieces, which are all bronze, welded together.”

It took about four months to complete – almost the same amount of time it took those behind the project to get the go-ahead from the Timaru District Council to have it placed in Timaru

He said it was Debbie Templeton-Page who decided it was time to have another of his creations added to the town; and he was pleased she did.

“I’m very excited,” he said.

The Art Advisory Group approved the project, followed by the council, on the proviso it was to be fully funded before it was put in place.

Brett and Cindy King, along with Tony Page, joined Mrs Templeton-Page on the project and are just some of the many people who have ensured it came to fruition.

Mrs Templeton-Page and Rob and Amanda Tulley are trustees of the Aoraki Art Charitable Trust, which has also supported the project.

Summers is among the people who will watch the sculpture arrive at its new home on Tuesday morning, in preparation for its unveiling on Friday at 3.30pm.latest jordansNike