Singers invited to try out for parts in play


by Rachael Comer

A family dealing with the death of their mother is the theme of a South Canterbury Drama League play.
Auditions for Mum’s Choir will be held this Saturday for the production, which will be staged at The Playhouse on October 6 to 13.
Director Jon Harris said the play focused on a family gathering following the death of their musical mother.
“She made a request for the children to sing, including the outlandish request of Faure’s Requiem to be sung at the funeral,” Harris said.
The play follows the family as they are brought together by music and the songs their mother has suggested they sing.
“They start remembering the old songs and memories and stories come back.”
The play appealed to Harris because of the music. It was written by New Zealand playwright Alison Quigan.
“A couple of years ago, there was talk of doing it but at the time they thought it would be too difficult to do.
“It came up again and I thought I’d give it a go. There are some very poignant moments.”
The league had staged another of Quigan’s plays, Netballers, in 2015, which the audience had loved, Harris said. He expected Mum’s Choir to get a similar reception.
He said the production was a “step up” from two other plays he had directedwith “the added dimension of music”.
The production has roles for four women and three men, with all characters singing. An ability to play the piano would also be an advantage, he said.
Auditions take place on Saturday at The Playhouse, Church St, at 2pm. For more information, contact Jon Harris on 0273259-588.Nike sneakersAIR MAX PLUS