Shakespeare unmasks motives

All types . Uptight librarian Patricia (Suellen Robb, left) and tough-talking bus driver Erin Brehaut take part in rehearsals for Hamlet Dies At The End PHOTO: SUPPLIED

From award-winning New Zealand playwright, Gavin McGibbon, (Holding On and Under The Hood) comes a heart-warming comedy of classic Kiwi characters in a play about a play.

Of course, Hamlet dies at the end, but before he does there’s a whole lot of shenanigans with a ragtag bunch of misfits trying to come to terms with life, each other .. oh, and Shakespeare’s great tragedy, Hamlet

A group of five people have come together for a week with a tutor/director to workshop and rehearse Shakespeare’s Hamlet. All, including the tutor Becker (Dave Mortimer), have ulterior motives for attending, which slowly come out during the course of the play as each tries to find their hidden selves.

Although the tutor tells them “this is art, not therapy”, it soon becomes obvious why each of them is there.

91-year-old Charlie (David Win), is trying his hand at something new since his wife left him three months ago. Charlie lives in a bygone era and his only reference is World War 2.

Patricia (Suellen Robb) is a stereotypical uptight, mousy librarian – a prima donna wannabe, hungering for an outlet for her talent.

Tough-talking bus driver Rhonda (Erin Brehaut), has issues at home and sees this workshop as a form of escape, reluctantly taking part until she experiences the genuine thrill of what it is to be up on stage performing.

Then there is Douglas (Shardous Wynen), who wants to do Hamlet with Drums, while the brooding, dark troubled teen, Jimmy (Alex Gourdie), keeps his intense passions tightly under control.

Can Becker’s determination and patience fire up this motley group of actors, who can’t stand each other and have the attention span of a 4-year-old?

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