Sculptor Matt Williams will showcase some of his creations at the York Street Gallery of Fine Art from February 9. PHOTO: ALEXIA JOHNSTON

Stone, metal and wood will feature in the latest exhibition by sculptor Matt Williams.

The materials are Williams’ go-to items of preference, which he crafts into works of art for others to enjoy.

And, the South Canterbury community will be able to do just that when he exhibits between 10 to 14 pieces at York Street Gallery of Fine Art from this week.

The exhibition, titled “Void”, was one he was looking forward to.

He said there was no “rhyme or reason” for how or why an idea developed or took shape – instead he allowed his creativity to produce the works for him.

Williams said there was rarely a break to his work as a sculptor.

“I tend to constantly be working on new pieces and when you approach an event, like an exhibition, you start getting pieces together .. that tell a little bit of a narrative.”

He describes his works as architectural and abstract.

“It’s non-figurative work and usually a collection of hard lines and soft curves,” he said.

For Williams, creating things has always been a part of his life.

“I’ve always made stuff,” he said.

“My dad is a cabinetmaker in the true sense of the word, so I’ve grown up in a workshop .. one thing led to another and I developed a set of ongoing skills.”

He also quickly learnt that the “sky is the limit” to what you can learn and has developed an appreciation for the creative process that comes with his artistic skills.

“I enjoy working with the materials. Every piece of material is unique, even if it’s from the same source it will be different.”

Now, he wants the community to enjoy his many works.

“I want the community to come and look at it and draw their own conclusions of the works,” he said.

“I don’t like to give too much away,” he said, when asked what it was people often see when they admire his art.

“It’s very interpretable by different people and I like to have their feedback on what they see in things,” he said.

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