Beloved ballet .. The Imperial Russian Ballet Company will bring Swan Lake to Timaru's Theatre Royal next month. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

The most beloved classical ballet of all, Swan Lake, is coming to Timaru’s Theatre Royal next month.

The Imperial Russian Ballet Company starts its month-long tour of New Zealand on October 31.

The ballet, in which love and forgiveness conquer evil and betrayal, is considered composer Tchaikovsky’s finest and the Imperial Russian Ballet Company regards it as one of its top productions.

The company comprises 40 dancers from the major ballet schools from around Russia.

The ballet is presented in two acts and strictly follows the original storyline, which weaves magic and the mystical into the real world.

When Prince Siegfried is instructed to choose a bride, he rebels and goes shooting instead. As he aims his crossbow at a flock of swans, one of them, Odette, is transformed into a beautiful maiden.

She is the victim of a spell cast by a sorcerer. In the enduring ballet, Odette and Siegfried must manoeuvre against the evil sorcerer so they can be together forever.

Imperial Russian Ballet Company artistic director Gediminas Taranda has made subtle revisions and variations to make Swan Lake even more impressive.

Tchaikovsky’s score was written in the years 1875-76 and is inspired by Russian and German folk tales.

Before composing the music, he studied ballet music by Delibes and Adolphe Adam and then merged scores he’d written for a small ballet entitled The Lake Of The Swansand an opera he had abandoned eight years earlier with his own original music.

The Imperial Russian Ballet Company presents Swan Lakeat the Theatre Royal on Friday, November 15 at 7.30pm. To book phone 0800 TICKET or go online to shoesAir Jordan