Showtime . . . Roncalli College's Abhirami Bharathan performs during a rehearsal of Singin' In The Rain, watched on by Luca Davis (back left) and Reggie Fleming. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

by Greta Yeoman

Roncalli College pupils are hoping to be showered with praise for their production of Singin’ in the Rain.

The school puts on a show every two years.

The first performance of the musical-romantic comedy was held last night, and there will be further shows tonight, tomorrow night and on Saturday (from 7pm all nights), along with a matinee show from 1pm on Saturday.

Director and drama teacher Frankie Pullar said door sales would be available at all shows or people could buy tickets online through iTicket up to three hours before each performance.

A cast of more than 30 had taken on the production after she selected the show from a variety of options, she said.

“This one is just really hilarious,” she said.

On stage . . . Roncalli College pupils perform a scene from Singin’ In The Rain, which is running for the next few days in the school hall. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

The show had attracted a mix of year levels – two of the main male roles were being performed by year 9 pupils, while one main female role had been taken on by a year 13 pupil and another by a year 11 pupil, Mrs Pullar said.

The plot follows two silent film stars, Don Lockwood and Lina Lamont, as they attempt the transition to “talkies” – which is an issue given only Don has the singing voice for their new musical film.

Trouble ensues for the pair after Lina’s voice is dubbed over by young aspiring actress Kathy.

Mrs Pullar said the rehearsals had been “lots of fun” for the cast, as there were 18 songs in the mix and two of the pupils had helped choreograph the show.

One of them, Emma Brown (18), who also has a role in the show, said she watched the 1952 film starring Gene Kelly before the production started. It was a “fantastic show” to do, she said.

The other choreographer, Georgia Carnegie (17), is also in the show, playing the role of Lina.

“It’s been really, really fun,” Georgia said.

Both had performed in school productions before, including Roncalli’s production of Shrektwo years ago, but it was the first time they had worked on the technical side of the show, they said.

“It’s a show for the whole family.”

There will be performances of Singin’ in the Rain in the Roncalli College hall tonight, tomorrow and on Saturday, starting at 7pm, and a matinee on Saturday, starting at 1pm. Tickets are available through iTicket or at the door.affiliate link traceThe world is yours – Neue Sneaker, Apparel und mehr für Kids