Rock n roll . . . South Canterbury Museum staff

by Alexia Johnston

South Canterbury Museum is in the running for top honours in music and dance.

The team at the museum, along with volunteers and Explorers Club members, has entered a competition called “When You Work at a Museum”.

Their challenge was to create a music video to a song of their choice.

South Canterbury is one of five New Zealand museums taking part.

The video with the most votes goes through to an international round.

This year’s event will be the last, which prompted the South Canterbury team to take part before it was too late, museum director Philip Howe said.

“[Organisers] have run it for five years now, but it’s the last one they are going to hold so we thought we’d better give it a go.”

He said the group had completed its video – the rest was now up to the South Canterbury community.

“We’re really keen to let represent Timaru,” he said, in the hope of boosting votes.

Mr Howe said the group, which selected The Ballroom Blitz by the Sweet as its song, decided on a “light-hearted approach” for its choreography, which was assisted by dance tutor Cath Gilson.

Voting starts at midnight on Monday, and will close after 24 hours.