Crafting words . . . Timaru Christian School pupil and young poet Genevieve Laursen (11) enjoys all forms of writing, including poetry and short stories. PHOTO: GRETA YEOMAN

Rhyming words and telling stories seems to come naturally to Timaru pupil and poet Genevieve Laursen.

The year 6 Timaru Christian School pupil took home the overall award at the 2017 South Canterbury Young Writers Awards earlier this month, for her poem Jane’s Cafe

She said she enjoyed writing the poem because she got to create “lots of disgusting foods” that were in the cafe, like coffee made from mandarins, frog mayonnaise and catnip tarts.

In addition to crafting poems, Genevieve had written a large collection of short stories, including her most recent creation titled The Great Unknown

She said it was about a girl and mouse who takes the girl to a magical tree underwater where all the animals are huge and the humans are tiny.

She likes creating artworks and reading a range of books, including Enid Blyton classics and Nancy Drew mysteries.

“I have my mum’s old ones that I read.”

She had trouble writing mystery stories as she found it difficult to finish them, but she also had several other unfinished stories, as she kept creating plot lines.

“I have lots of ideas.”

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