Pleasure seeing it all come together


Sheridan Ioane is putting her best foot forward, complete with red shoes, after securing the lead role in her first major production, The Wizard of Oz.
Sheridan (12), who plays Dorothy in The Waimate Theatre Company’s rendition of the popular stage production, has thrived in the role during two and a-half months of rehearsals.
“It’s exciting,” she said.
Although she auditioned in the hope of securing any part, she soon realised the role of Dorothy was within reach, adding to her excitement.
“I was really, really eager to get it,” she said.
Two months later, Sheridan has mastered her lines and is becoming acquainted with her real-life canine fellow cast member Toto, also known as Bella.
Bella spends much of her time on stage, sitting attentively in Sheridan’s basket.
Sheridan first discovered her love of theatre while watching the stage production of Mary Poppins.
“I was like `wow, this is so cool; I want to be on stage doing that’.”
Now living the dream, Sheridan has been putting in the hard yards rehearsing three times a week, alongside a cast of about 35 and has loved every minute of it.
“I like being with the rest of the cast and just seeing everything coming together. I like the environment and I like everybody there. They are so supportive and nice.”
Show director Alice Sollis said people of all ages were involved in the show, along with children and their parents.
“It’s a lovely family show,” she said.
“We’re doing the much loved Wizard of Oz show that everyone loves, but with a few surprises.”
The Wizard of Oz will be performed at The Waimate Regent Theatre on May 19-21 and 26-27.Best Sneakerssneakers