A picture paints a thousand words – just ask Judith Cordeaux.

The Timaru artist creates intricate designs using small motifs, a concept that captures the viewer’s attention as they explore the many pictures imbedded in the works.

“I have these little motifs like a composer has notes,” she said.

“And the colours that I use are like the harmony that a composer adds to his notes.

“These motifs, I’m using them all the time; it’s just my language.”

Ms Cordeaux moved to Timaru following the Christchurch earthquakes, a series of events that inspired many of the works she has on display at Timaru’s Aigantighe Art Gallery.

A castle, a horse, stars, birds, fish and heart are among the many shapes to feature in her works, 33 of which adorn the main gallery.

“This is what I see. I don’t know what you’ll see,” she said, while talking about her many works.

“You can choose to see what you want to see.

“The way these patterns keep coming out of the subconscious is amazing. Even the colours I’ve put on – it’s not planned, it just happens. In fact, so does an earthquake.”

Each of her works are aptly named, including a colourful piece called Living the Dream

“I’m living the dream. I’m alive. I found a lovely home in Timaru and you know, the stars at night shine, the flags fly, the birds, the washing, [there are] the flowers in the garden, the cats .. ” she said

“It’s wonderful to be alive.”

Ms Cordeaux’s artistic talents were picked up by European-based curator Stefania Carrozzini.

Ms Carrozzini saw Ms Cordeaux’s website and decided to make contact, something which she initially thought was a hoax.

“My friend researched this woman because I thought it doesn’t really happen. When I realised it was the real thing, I said ‘well what do you want’?”

Ms Cordeaux’s works have since been exhibited around the world and in the London based magazine Aesthetica

She was now proud to be exhibiting her works in her new-found home of Timaru. Her exhibition “Unexpected World” will be on display until October 8.

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