NZ Music Month Five Questions: Andrew Falloon

Still playing first CDs


As New Zealand Music Month sings its way into its second week, Rangitata MP Andrew Falloon takes up The Courier‘s music-themed Five Questions series.

Q. First album you owned?

The first CD I ever bought was What’s the Story Morning Glory by Oasis.

The second album I bought was Once Bitten, Twice Bitten by Kiwi band The Exponents.

I still have both and listen to them pretty regularly, but some of my other early musical tastes were a bit more dubious.

Q. What’s your musical guilty pleasure?

The Exponents, circa 1992

The Feelers. They get a bit of stick these days, but my cousin Hamish is the drummer and I still have a soft spot for their first album Supersystem

Q. Who are your favourite NZ musicians/bands (five max)?

1. Shihad.

2.The Veils.

3. Fur Patrol.

4. Salmonella Dub.

5. Dead Flowers.

Q. If you had to listen to just one New Zealand song forever, what would it be?


Bursting Through by Bic Runga. It’s more than two decades old now, but I used to listen to it when I worked in a bar in London when I was 18 and I don’t think I’d ever get sick of it.

Q. Most recent concert/gig by a NZ musician that you’ve been to?

The Black Seeds and Katchafire in January at Caroline Bay. A great venue which I hope we’ll see used by more Kiwi musicians.latest Nike SneakersNike