Church tunes . . . St Mary's Anglican Church musical director Lucy Dillon

New Zealand Music Month is now in its second-to-last week and St Mary’s musical director Lucy Dillon takes on the The Courier‘s music-themed Five Questions series.

Q First album you owned?

New Kids on the Block (ha ha).

Q Who are your favourite NZ musicians/bands (five max)?

Hayley Westenra and Crowded House.

Hayley Westenra performs at the Theatre Royal, Timaru in 2011.

Q If you had to listen to just one New Zealand song forever, what would it be?

Dark Waltz by Hayley Westenra

Q What’s your musical guilty pleasure?

Not sure what you mean by “guilty pleasure”, as music is never anything to feel guilty about, but I do use music in the morning to calm the kids when they are at each other.

Q Most recent concert/gig by a NZ musician that you’ve been to?

In Timaru it would be Caitlin Joy at Street Food Kitchen, or [an] actual concert was actually in Newcastle in England seeing Hayley Westenra.Nike air jordan SneakersGirls Air Jordan