Rock n roll . . . South Canterbury Museum staff

by Claire Allison

The South Canterbury Museum has won the fifth International Museum Dance Off video competition with a 24,000 vote lead against its closest rival.

The 24-hour voting period on Tuesday was a roller-coaster affair for museum staff, director Philip Howe said.

It was a classic “tortoise and the hare” race with the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond, Virginia, partly due to the different time zones, museum director Philip Howe said.

“They raced ahead and then they went to sleep .. ”

The South Canterbury Museum gained 53,359 votes, while the Science Museum of Virginia was second with 29,352 votes.

Seven museums were in the running, with the others from Australia, the Ukraine, the United Kingdom, Canada and Mexico.

Mr Howe said South Canterbury voters were joined by museum colleagues, family and friends from around New Zealand and the world.

“We had no idea our little last-minute after-hours jaunt around the museum filming ourselves with an iPhone would generate so much attention.

“We seriously have just been blown away by the way people got in behind it.”Sport mediajordan Release Dates