Make a fish for the exhibition


by Alexia Johnston

Children are being called on to help create fish for South Canterbury Museum’s upcoming exhibition “Fishing the Bight”.
Images of commonly caught fish, including spotted dog fish, gurnard and leatherjacket, have been printed on to A3 paper for children to collect from the museum, or they can download the images from the museum’s website and print them, if they have an A3 printer.
The images then need to be cut out.
Participants must write their name and contact details inside one side of the fish, which is then stapled to the other with enough of an opening to stuff with small pieces of paper.
The fish can then be sealed with another staple and delivered to the museum by June 5, the Monday of Queen’s Birthday Weekend.
Museum director Philip Howe encourages children to remember to put their names on the inside of their fish.
Mayor Damon Odey will open the exhibition, “gutting” one fish to announce the winner of a spot prize.Sports ShoesSneakers