Long-held idea realised


by Alexia Johnston

A large slab of black basalt has undergone a transformation to feature etchings of people.

Sculptor Debbie Templeton-Page, owner of York St Gallery of Fine Art, recently completed the artwork, which features her display of people.

Those etchings appear at every angle on the 2m-tall block, which sits on a base.

“I’ve just finished it,” Mrs Templeton-Page said.

“I’ve had the actual stone for some years and I’ve done the sculpture in my head many times.”

The sculpture, which does not have a name, is one of many she has completed over the years.

Despite years of creations to her name, her latest, which she describes as a pillar, was one of her favourites.

“It’s been a labour of love [and] a beautiful piece of stone [to work on],” she said.

“I’m just really pleased with every bit of it .. and that doesn’t always happen,” she said.

“Sometimes there’s a little piece you have to keep going back to, tweaking, but because I’ve been thinking about it for so many years [it has gone to plan].

“I’m just really pleased with it.”

The creation is similar to some of her other works, including a collection using limestone, which she crafted to raise money for Christ Church Cathedral after it suffered severe damage in the February 2011 earthquake.

She crafted her latest sculpture at Timaru Bluestone Industries in Coonoor Rd, but will have it transported to York St Gallery of Fine Art, once some of her other creations are also completed.latest jordansnike fashion