Happy to finish Hooper book


by Rachael Comer

A Fairlie man admits the completion of his latest book has come with a sense of relief.
Pat White’s recently released Notes from the Margins – The West Coast’s Peter Hooper is a biography about the former New Zealand teacher, writer, bookseller and conservationist.
“It’s mostly a sense of relief,” Mr White said.
“You get the idea in your head, and you put a lot of work into a book, so it’s always nice to cast the book off shore and let it fill up with its own steam. The number of books I’ve written is in the double figures.”
Mr White moved to Fairlie three years ago from the Wairarapa.
“I started writing poetry when I was at teachers’ college. I had a marvellous lecturer there and I had to do a lot of writing with assignments, and I’d always been a reader.”
In the biography of Mr Hooper, who was born in 1919 and died in 1991, Mr White writes of Mr Hooper’s childhood on the West Coast. It features stories about Mr Hooper’s teaching career, as well as his determination to become a poet and novelist.
Mr Hooper’s influence in the lives of a number of leading writers and environmentalists including Lou Sanson, Brian Turner, Jeffrey Paparoa Holman, David Young and Guy Salmon are also part of the story, as well as his influence on Mr White’s writing.
“Our lives and paths crossed at various times – he published a book of my poetry at one stage.
“There things that happened along the way.”
Mr White said there would be more books in the future.
“There will be another book that no doubt I can work on in the future.”
Mr White is an MA graduate of IIML Victoria University 2010, and an MFA graduate of Massey Wellington 2008.

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