Wellington artists Gabriel Heimler and Anna Proc pay homage to Paul Gauguin in an exhibition at McAtamney Gallery in Geraldine.

Gauguin was a French post-Impressionist painter known for his works which depict Polynesia.

The 2019 series, “Gauguin in Aotearoa”, was inspired when Heimler and Proc learned that Gauguin had an Auckland stopover on his second journey to Tahiti in 1895.

In this series, they speculate about how Gauguin might see us, were he to arrive today.

While their paintings pay direct homage to Gauguin in terms of palette, subject and style, there are added layers and breadth to these works.

Like Gauguin, both Heimler and Proc are of European descent, and lived and worked in Berlin before emigrating to Wellington 10 years ago.

The couple say that in the same way Gauguin was looking for inspiration and a different reality in the South Pacific, so too were they seeking that challenge.

A further challenge is their method; sharing two canvases at a time, they each paint a layer before swapping again.

In this way, canvases are truly shared, and the artworks completed in absolute creative collaboration.

“Gauguin in Aotearoa” will be at the McAtamney Gallery and Design Store until March shoesNike Air Max 270