Five questions with: Mark Cardeno


Five questions with A Few Good Men actor Mark Cardeno. The 17-year-old Geraldine High School pupil plays Jack Ross in a coming production.

Q. How did you get involved with the production?

I got a message one afternoon from Kay Patterson asking if I’d like to audition for a play and I expressed my interest.

I had never met Kay before, but I’d heard quite a bit about her as I’d worked with her son Max.

Bella Kircher, my friend, had also shown interest in auditioning for the production – it’s always fun acting with her – so I was relieved to come in for the auditions knowing at least one person in the room.

Q. What is the most enjoyable/interesting aspect of the character you’re playing?

Jack Ross isn’t someone I would usually play, and the interesting part of that is the challenge of becoming the character.

Jack has a good sense of formality and authority.

More often I’d have to use a stronger voice when acting in some scenes, so he is a bit of a change from how I usually act.

In the first act, there is a scene between Jack, Kaffee and Jo where he says, “But I don’t get to make that decision. I represent the people. Without passion, you see?”

This quote opens an interesting aspect of Jack’s character as it shows his position physically as opposed to where he stands emotionally [and] internally.

Q. How have rehearsals been going?

Rehearsals have been going very smoothly, and it’s always amazing to watch lines from a book taken out from the page and sprinkled on to a stage.

We’re in the final stages of rehearsals.

The stage is set, the props are ready and the lights are on so it’s just the touch-ups and refining the look of the scenes to do.

Q. What do you think of the storyline?

I think the story is an intriguing drama. There is something to learn from every character. The . . . theme of the play is clear, and it’s relevant.

It brings to light current issues, including the importance of good leadership and consequences of actions.

Q. Have you been involved with other productions and, if so, what do you most enjoy about acting?

Yes, I’ve been in a couple more school productions since I was in year 10, Oliver! and Seussical

What I most enjoy about acting is the storytelling element, being able to make a story come alive to send a message to others. Especially with this heavy story, which advocates for those who cannot fight for themselves.

The fact that this production is based on a true story magnifies the awareness of ongoing issues like sexism, bullying, injustice, etc.

So it’s exciting to be able to not only educate but also advocate for what the story stands for.

The Geraldine Community Theatre production of A Few Good Men will be staged at the Geraldine Lodge Theatre from April 29 to May 6.Sports ShoesAir Jordan Release Dates 2021