by George Clark

The Timaru Film Society has opened its 2020 season and celebrated its 70th year.

Former members John and Mary Clark were special guests at the society’s season opening at Movie Max on Monday evening, celebrating Timaru from the past and present.

Speaking at the event, Mr Clark reminisced about his film influences and reasons for joining.

“My father was a member of the film society and I thought it looked like fun. Although times have changed, the pure joy films have the ability to bring remains the same.”

Double celebrations . . . The Timaru Film Society is dually celebrating its third and 70th year. PHOTO: GEORGE CLARK

The current film society was established three years ago, and secretary Jayne Blakemore found out only last year that the city had previously had a film society – so she invited surviving former members Mary and John Clark to rejoin.

“The National Film Society office let us know there had been an original film society and it just happened to be coming into its 70th year,” she said.

“Mary and John have been ‘members’ since 1961.”

The Timaru section of the National Film Society is the largest in the country.

A year-long membership entitles members to 18 films, and the next screening is on February 17, featuring 2017’s Columbus, from director Kogonada.trace affiliate link『アディダス』に分類された記事一覧