Drumming up African rhythms in Geraldine


Geraldine will hear the beat of African drums this weekend.

Oamaru woman Ra McRostie is hosting a workshop of African drumming and dancing at The Academy of Performance & Arts on Saturday.

Ms McRostie, who has taught African style music and dance for the past 13 years, will focus primarily on encouraging students to have a “heartfelt experience that is transformative and joyful”.

The drumming lesson, from 1pm, will feature popular rhythms from Guinea, West Africa.

“We’ll have a warm-up and discussion about West African music, then learn a traditional rhythm .. ,” Ms McRostie said.

Drum lessons will be followed by a dance class at 2.30pm, which will, again, focus on a West African style.

She said dance class participants would learn moves to go with the rhythm featured in the drum lesson.

“Anyone who’s picked up the drums strongly can stay and drum for the dance class,” she said.

Jill Griffin-Roberts, of the academy, said the aim of the workshops was to bring a range of arts, themes and styles to Geraldine people did not often have access to.

“And, it’s about giving people a glimpse to a different culture . to experience something in the comfort of their own town.” she said.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun.”

To register for either class, email academygeraldine@gmail.comNike sneakersNike News