Director’s short film showing in Geraldine

On the big screen . . . UK based director Max Paterson has released his new short film Missing Pages at Geraldine Cinema.

by Helen Holt

A short film, Missing Pages, by Geraldine-born director Max Paterson is showing until Saturday at the Geraldine Cinema.

Mr Paterson (20) has worked in the United Kingdom as a filmmaker since September 2019.

The film was written in April last year, and a 16-person team began filming in London in August.

“It is a bit dramatic, but there is a human story behind it,” he said.

“It’s about conflict between a father and son, and someone who desperately needs a parent figure.”

Mr Paterson said he hoped viewers would be moved in some way.

Mr Paterson has been back in Geraldine since December to spend Christmas at home and promote the film. He will be returning to the UK early next month.

“I’m really looking forward to developing more short stories like Missing Pages over the next few months. I have plans for two other short films, a little larger in scale and length of film,” he said.

Missing Pages is his second film to play at Geraldine Cinema. How to Break into a Cinema was shown two years ago and sold out every seat.

Mr Paterson’s career began as an amateur filmmaker when he made a short film with a group of friends in 2016. It went on to win a short film award in the United States.

“I think my interest in filmmaking stemmed from acting.

“The first complete short film that I worked on was a quick, fun project.

“We were lucky enough to win an online award and that’s where the spark ignited.”

“For me filmmaking feels like the ultimate art form.

“You get to work in a team of almost every other type of art. You’ve got music, and performing arts, and set design.

“It’s a really incredible culmination of such a variety of skills, and I think that’s why it can feel endless as far as possibilities for what you create.”Sports Shoes/New Releases Nike