Enigmatic .. Michele Keggenhoff (Romain) ups the ante at her husband's trial. PHOTOS: SUPPLIED

by Claire Allison

The South Canterbury Drama League is delighted to announce that its March production is a reprise of Agatha Christie’s play Witness for the Prosecution.

Devised and written by the queen of crime herself and first staged in 1953, a revival of this show has been a smash hit in London since 2017, even amid lockdowns, and is now coming to Timaru.

Witness for the Prosecution is Christie’s acknowledged theatrical masterpiece.

The courtroom drama takes place late in 1953, the year when Sir Edmund Hillary conquered Mt Everest and the young Queen Elizabeth II was crowned.

In the play, too, in a man’s world, a woman is at the centre of events.

The accused . . . Leonard Vole (Ashton Buckingham) is accused of murdering a rich widow to inherit her wealth in Witness for the Prosecution. PHOTO: SUPPLIED

A young man, Leonard Vole (Ashton Buckingham), stands accused of murdering a rich widow to inherit her wealth.

Set in a time when a murder conviction still carries the death penalty, the atmosphere in the courtroom is understandably tense.

Rival barristers Sir Wilfrid Robarts and Mr Myers (Jon Harris and Kevin Foley) battle for high stakes.

Then key witness, Leonard Vole’s wife Romain (Michele Keggenhoff), steps into the witness box and proceeds to up the ante.

Directed by Gail Tatham and starring some of South Canterbury’s top actors, this compelling murder mystery keeps audiences guessing until the very end.

As the plot thickens and truth becomes blurred, audiences are invited to consider for themselves who they think actually “dunnit” and what justice really means.

The play runs at the Playhouse in Church St for a week from March 5, 2021, with a matinee on Sunday, March 7.

Bookings are open now.