Aim ‘to take graffiti and put it on canvas’

Taking it from the streets .. Christchurch artist Kelly Hindson was in Timaru last week visiting family and promoting his work. PHOTO: AL WILLIAMS

by Al Williams

Kelly Hindson is taking graffiti and putting it on canvas.
Hindson (41), of Christchurch, was in Timaru last week visiting family and promoting his work.
The decision to work fulltime in the creative field came two years ago after several years working aboard fishing boats in New Zealand and Australia.
He had loved art from a young age, Hindson said.
“I got into skateboarding when I was younger and a lot of the associated artwork of skateboards and the surrounding culture impressed me.
“I went on to do art and art history at high school and became influenced by 19th century art, including romanticism, Victorian and industrial art.
“Then I became influenced by the Bauhaus movement and studied fine arts at design and arts college.”
He left Christchurch after the 2011 earthquake and spent the next several years working on fishing boats.
“I invested a lot of money in those courses, so I then decided to pursue art fulltime.
“The fishing wasn’t really doing it for me.”
Mr Hindson described his work on canvas as a mix of pop art and graffiti art.
“My aim is to take graffiti art and put it on canvas.
“I aim to be a prolific artist so I get really good at what I do. Some would say my work is pretty rough and it is.”
He had sold many paintings at a reasonable price.
“I haven’t been picky about my audience, as I embrace people,” Mr Hindson said.
“I’ve got a 10-year plan and I’m two years into it. There is just so much I can paint.”
He uses social media to promote his work and engage people.
“Last year I had my first exhibition at the Eastside Gallery in Christchurch and sold four pieces.
“I’ve been asked to do anything from street pieces to kitchen pieces.
“I suffer financially as an artist, as there are times when people have money and sometimes when people don’t.”Buy SneakersMens Nike Sneakers