He says SOUL or Save Our Unique Landscape does not have a mandate from mana whenua, and most members have no connection to the land.

by Greta Yeoman

Shakespeare’s tragic tale Hamlet has been transformed into a New Zealand comedy – and actors are being sought for an upcoming Timaru production of the show.

Director Jon Harris will be hosting auditions for the six-member cast of Hamlet Dies at the End on August 3, which will be performed at Timaru’s Playhouse Theatre in November.

Written by New Zealand playwright Gavin McGibbon, Hamlet Dies at the End follows five people of diverse ages and backgrounds who are supposed to be rehearsing scenes from Shakespeare’s Hamlet for performance at the end of the week.

However, despite the best efforts of the intense, unemployed actor leading the group, the members are less interested in questions like “To be or not to be?” and more interested in the important queries in life, such as “When’s lunch?’, “Where do you get good pot?” and “Who’s Shakespeare?”.

Harris is on the hunt for six actors to play some very contrasting characters – from 19-year-old Jimmy to 91-year-old Charlie.

He says the best comedy not only makes us laugh, but also leads us to reflect on some of the more serious questions of life.

“It would be tragedy if it weren’t so comical.”

Auditions for the play will be held on August 3.

For more information please contact Jon Harris on 27325-9588 or email cloneJordan x Off-White Apparel