Taking part in a film project, shot in Geraldine, is (from left) Bruce Menzies (22) Caleb Cameron (17) and Jamie Roberts (15). PHOTO: Andrei Talili

by Alexia Johnston

The next generation of film-makers will soon premiere their latest work in Geraldine.

A crew of about 20 teenagers have finished filming How to Break into a Cinema

The 30-minute film will be premiered in the Geraldine Cinema in July, but an exact date has yet to be confirmed, co-director Max Paterson said.

Max has co-directed the film alongside William Holland.

Lead roles featured actors Brooke Dwyer, Caleb Cameron, Jamie Roberts and Jac Paterson.

Max (17) said the crew had dedicated long hours to get the project completed, including one 16-hour day.

“We had some really long shoots starting at about 6.30am and going through until 11 at night.”

The film, which has been on the drawing board since December, was shot in Geraldine, mainly over the school holidays.

“It was probably one of the largest [film projects] we’ve done and it’s involved a lot of youth in the area,” he said.

“Some of them are from Timaru, but primarily from Geraldine.”

Max described the film as “a bit of a comedy” about some youngsters who break into a cinema at night.

He said the film was longer than most he had worked on, which had been a welcome change as it had allowed more of a story to be told than just a glimpse.

“It was really enjoyable to play with that .. without the commitment of a feature film,” he said.

“For a lot of us it’s been a big step up. It’s been a lot more ambitious. It’s been quite cool to take that leap.”

Overall, the experience has been a “big” learning curve for everyone involved, he said.

“It’s a new experience for many of them, but they have all done very well.”

The film was assisted through Timaru District Council’s Youth Entertainment Funding.

“It involves so many people in the local area [and] we’ve used local locations,” Max said.

“It will be really exciting to see it on screen.”Nike air jordan SneakersBoots